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ACVAA Annual Meeting

2011 ACVAA Annual Meeting

2017 annual business meeting, Powerpoint presentation, Dr. Smith

Added 09 Oct 2017

The Powerpoint presentation can be found under 'Diplomates' Documents and Forms'

2017 Career Achievement Award to Dr. Eugene Steffey

Added 04 Oct 2017

The American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia (ACVAA) Career Achievement Award recognizes a Diplomate for accomplishments throughout a long career of outstanding performance in advancing the art and science of veterinary anesthesia and/or analgesia. The award is made on the basis of accomplishments throughout a career distinguished by sustained, significant contributions to education, research and/or service in veterinary anesthesia and analgesia, including service to the ACVAA. The recipient, acknowledged by academicians, professional peers and the general veterinary community, in a fundamental way, has advanced the field of veterinary anesthesia and/or analgesia with contributions that have stood the test of time. The ACVAA is proud to award the 2017 Career Achievement Award to Dr. Gene Steffey.

2017 SmithsMedicalSurgivet Abstract Awards

Added 04 Oct 2017

Dr. Melissa Smith from University of Georgia, Athens, received the Small Animal Abstract Award for “Effect of propofol and ketamine -diazepam on intraoculaire pressure in heathy premeditated dogs. " Dr. Keely Wilson received the Large Animal Abstract Award for ‘Agreement between invasive blood pressure measured in three peripheral arteries in anesthetized horses under clinical conditions'. Congratulations to Drs. Smith and Wilson.

Congratulations new Diplomates 2017

Added 20 Sep 2017

Seventeen candidates successfully completed the ACVAA certifying exam and are welcomed as ACVAA diplomates. New Diplomates are Drs. Isla Arcaro, Ryan Bailey, Ciara Barr, Carrie Davis, Stephanie Dooley, Stephanie Fissekas, Elizebeth Goudie-DeAngelis, Rachel Hector, Melanie Jarrett, Kerrie Lewis, Penting Liao, Heidi Lehmann, Marta Romano, Andrea Sanchez, Allan Williamson, Gareth Zeiler, and Aurora Zoff.

2016 Annual Business meeting minutes

Added 02 Mar 2017

Dr Smith presented a Powerpoint. This is available under Diplomate - 'Documents and Forms'

The 2016 ACVAA abstracts Awards Sponsored by Smiths-Medical-Surgivet

Added 14 Sep 2016

Dr. Carrie Davis, a resident at the University of Tennessee, was awarded the small animal abstract award for her presentation entitled "Effect of fentanyl on the minimum infusion rate of propofol preventing movement in dogs." Dr. Heidi Lehmann, a resident at Murdoch University, Australia, was awarded the large animal abstract award for her presentation entitled "Lidocaine or meloxicam analgesia decrease nociception as indicated by cardiovascular response of halothane-anaesthetized Bos indicus bull calves during surgical castration." Each resident received $500.00, sponsored by Smiths-Medical-Surgivet.

ACVAA 2016 Abstracts

Added 22 Aug 2016

The ACVAA 2016 Abstracts are available under 'Documents and Forms ' in the Diplomate and Resident sections

ACVAA/SmithsMedical/SurgiVet Resident Abstract Awards

Added 13 Oct 2015

Dr. Ashley Mitek, a resident at Illinois, received the small animal abstract award for her presentation on "Development and Standardization of Internal Tracheal Diameter Cervical Vertebral Length Ratios in Dachshunds, Beagles, Labrador Retrievers, Yorkshire Terriers, Boxers and Pugs". Dr. Melanie Jarrett received the large animal abstract award for her presentation on "Recovery of Horses from General Anesthesia Following Induction with Either Propofol or Midazolam Followed by Ketamine."