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Mar. 07, 2017
Sep. 07, 2017

Board Certified Anesthesiologist

PetCure Oncology

We are looking for a board-certified anesthesiologist to join our cancer-fighting team! We treat pet cancer with advanced technology, veterinary specialists and true compassion. Part of that mission includes offering the very best both in the administration of anesthesia and the ability to offer the latest advances in pain management to each of our cancer patients.
Based out of our Clifton, NJ Veterinary Radiosurgery and Imaging Center, you would oversee all anesthesia for both imaging (CT & MRI) and radiation therapy, including meeting with the clients and ensuring the very best patient experience. In Clifton, we have an amazing team of 3 veterinary technicians to work with you and deliver/monitor the anesthesia. Radiation is administered by a human-licensed and experienced radiation therapist and all cancer cases are overseen by an external specialist (typically oncology or neurology). The radiation treatment planning is performed by a radiation oncologist and then reviewed by a second radiation oncologist prior to plan delivery.
Across our growing network (currently 5 locations nationally), you would be involved in virtual anesthesia and pain management consults. Participation in our Scientific Advisory Board is strongly encouraged as we draft standards across our centers for excellence in anesthesia and pain management.
We offer a solid base salary and benefits to foster collaboration with our cancer care team and we’d love to talk with you more about what we have to offer with this unique opportunity in an evolutionary setting.

Where & How to Apply

Instructions: Visit us online at and contact JoAnn Stewart (Chief Operating Officer) at or 773.850.3401.

JoAnn Stewart , Chief Operating Officer

Phone: 773.850.3401