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This award is intended to recognize an ACVAA Diplomate for outstanding service in advancing the ACVAA through leadership, service, or outreach. This year the ACVAA recognizes Dr. Bruce Heath, a Charter diplomate of the ACVAA. Dr. Heath has been a clinician, teacher, conservationist, and scholar. He started his veterinary training at Colorado State University where he became emeritus professor. During the early days when the ACVA was becoming established and programs were developing, articles on veterinary anesthesiology were being published and an appropriate journal for these publications was needed. Dr. Bruce Heath was instrumental in establishing a veterinary journal for anesthesia publications and worked tirelessly in meeting publication deadlines. Dr. Heath published numerous research articles and chapters, contributing to the veterinary literature of captive and wild animals. He modified the neonatal “Cole” tube for the endotracheal intubation of horses. Later in his career, he made major contributions to the knowledge of marine mammals, having safely anesthetized thousands of marine mammals. Congratulations Dr. Heath!