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This award is intended to recognize an ACVAA Diplomate for outstanding service in advancing the ACVAA through leadership, service, or outreach. This year the ACVAA recognizes Dr. Lawrence Soma, a founding charter diplomate of the ACVA(A). Dr. Soma was instrumental in the development of veterinary anesthesia into a recognizable veterinary medical specialty. Dr. Soma led the work that resulted in AVMA’s recognition of Veterinary Anesthesiology as an AVMA approved specialty organization and the American College of Veterinary Anesthesia was officially established in 1975. He and others worked to establish the criteria for diplomate status for those whose work and experience might qualify them as a charter Diplomate of the ACVA. By 1977 the written and oral examinations were officially instituted. Dr. Soma has spent his entire career at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School. He developed the anesthesia residency program at Penn and trained many residents who have since become established and esteemed diplomates of the ACVAA. Congratulations Dr. Soma.