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The American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia (ACVAA) Career Achievement Award recognizes a Diplomate for accomplishments throughout a long career of outstanding performance in advancing the art and science of veterinary anesthesia and/or analgesia. The award is made on the basis of accomplishments throughout a career distinguished by sustained, significant contributions to education, research and/or service in veterinary anesthesia and analgesia, including service to the ACVAA. The ACVAA is proud to award the 2020 Career Achievement Award to Dr. Peter Pascoe. Congratulations  Dr. Pascoe !

Dr.  Pascoe received his veterinary degree at the University of Liverpool, UK in 1975. After  work in a large animal practice, he then did an internship in large animal surgery, and then completed an anesthesia  residency  at the Ontario Veterinary College(OVC)  in 1981 . He obtained diplomate status of the ACVA(A) in 1982, and in the European College of Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia in 1998. He was an Assistant then Associate Professor at the Ontario Veterinary College before moving to UC Davis, where he spent most of his career, and obtained the status of Professor emeritus in 2017.

Dr. Pascoe’s research interests were mostly centered around injectable and partial intravenous anesthesia in dogs and cats. He conducted a number of investigations on the impact of drug combinations on the cardiovascular system. A PubMed search on his name returns 126 results, illustrating the magnitude of his contributions. Of particular note are his studies on fentanyl in enflurane-anesthetized dogs, alfentanil in isoflurane-anesthetized cats, and dexmedetomidine in isoflurane anesthetized dogs to only cite a few.

Dr. Pascoe  authored numerous book chapters and several review articles, and was an invited speaker at many regional, national and international conferences, supporting his excellent international reputation, expertise and willingness to share his knowledge.

Dr. Pascoe  has served the ACVAA in many capacities. He held the office of the President of the College 1997, 1998, served on the examination committee several times and has recently been leading the organization of the scientific program for the annual meeting.

Dr. Pascoe  was editor of the anesthesia section of Veterinary Surgery for several years when the ACVAA and the AVA jointly decided to launch Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia, their own journal dedicated to anesthesia and analgesia. Peter worked tirelessly as editor ensuring consistency in style, assisting non-native English speakers getting their papers to a publishable stage, and promoting the journal. Within 3 years, VAA became indexed by NLM, giving it visibility in PubMed, and the number of annual issues had doubled. Peter returned to his role of editor after a 3 years break, to finally retire in 2013.  Peter remains on the editorial board and has continued to give full support to the subsequent Editors.  By citation index it usually features as around 25 in the list of veterinary journals, a great achievement for such a small specialty. The journal would not be where it is without Dr.  Peter Pascoe.