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The President’s award is intended to recognize an ACVAA Diplomate for outstanding service in advancing the ACVAA through leadership, service, or outreach. This year the ACVAA recognizes    Dr. William Tranquilli

Dr. Bill Tranquilli received his DVM in 1977  at the University of Illinois where he did his anesthesia residency  from 1979-82 and in 1983 became an anesthesia  faculty  member until retirement in 2006.  Dr.Tranquilli  has trained numerous residents and advised numerous research post-graduates. He has published over 100 scientific papers that include distribution of blood flow in large animals and the role of alpha -2 agonists in clinical anesthesia. The now common use of ‘Triple drip ‘ can be attributed to Dr. Tranquilli’s work.

Dr. Tranquilli led the work as editor  on the publications of 3 new editions of Lumb & Jones’ Veterinary Anesthesia Analgesia, the  defining textbook  of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia.

Dr. Tranquilli’s  outreach efforts for continuing education in anesthesia and pain management  are numerous and continues to make a  huge impact on the practice and quality  of veterinary anesthesia and on the value of ACVAA Diplomates.  The  Companion Animal Consortium  funded by Pfizer in 2001, the creation of the  Academy of the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management  (IVAPM), and the ACVAA  Endorsement of  CE Certificates  all can be credited to Dr Tranquilli’s work.  Last and not least is his advocation to help bring the  North American Veterinary Anesthesia Society ( NAVAS)  into fruition. The NAVAS brings ACVAA diplomates, veterinarians and technicians, industry and corporate practice groups  together as a dedicated Veterinary Anesthesia community.

Thank you Dr. Tranquilli for your service to the ACVAA!