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The IVECCS  Symposium  September 12- 14, virtual meeting with possible in-person sessions at St Louis Convention Center.


The ACVAA, in cooperation with NAVAS and AVTAA, is participating in the IVECCS virtual meeting planning. IVECCS plans are subject to revision but currently, a Zoom-based meeting alone, or in conjunction with limited in-person events is being discussed. The ACVAA/NAVAS should have 3 days of programs, with 5 hours each day. Abstracts, Diplomate-level CE, and resident reviews are still planned. The ACVAA is not requiring or recommending in-person travel for ACVAA associated activities or events. The Annual Business Meeting will NOT occur as an in-person event in St. Louis. We are planning on having a virtual business meeting sometime between Sept 14 and Oct 1. More details to come soon.