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Location:  Liege, Belgium

Institution:  Universite de Liege

Starting date: September 15, 2022 (fixed-term contract, renewable)

Job description: A full-time assistant position in the field of anaesthesiology, attached to the Clinical
Department of Companion Animals. This position may be suitable for the completion of a PhD thesis
or a residency in veterinary anaesthesiology.
The Clinical Department of Companion Animals ensures the operation of a hospital receiving first-line
cases and cases referred by the profession as well as a continuous emergency service (24 hours a day
and 365 days a year), which represents a total of approximately 15,000 cases per year. In addition, it
provides clinical education for veterinary medicine students and training of graduates in various
veterinary medicine specializations recognized at European level. Further, the clinic supports clinical
research in various fields of veterinary science.
Required Qualifications:
The candidate will have to:
• Be a graduate in veterinary medicine
• Have the right to be registered or to be eligible for registration with the Belgian Veterinary Order
• Have good clinical experience in anaesthesiology of companion animals
• Knowledge of the French language or willingness to learn French is an asset
Clinical and teaching skills:
• Combine clinical skills with the ability to transmit these skills to students
• Organizational competence
• Adaptability, initiative and motivation
• Ability to make shared decisions, solve problems and deal with conflicts
• Interest in scientific research and the willingness to develop a research project in a field relevant to
clinical anaesthesiology

The successful candidate will be encouraged to get enrolled into a formal post-graduate training. For
more information, please contact Prof. Charlotte Sandersen (
The application file will include a curriculum vitae, a cover letter, and 2 letters of reference. All
applicants are encouraged to schedule a clinic visit. Selected candidates will be contacted for an
interview early July. The application must be sent by email (including reference letters) to Nadine Fis