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Location:  San Diego, CA

Institution:  Veterinary Dental Specialties and Oral Surgery

Veterinary Dental Specialties and Oral Surgery is seeking a full-time anesthesiologist (DACVAA preferred) to run the anesthesia service in our practice.  As the largest veterinary dental practice in the world (9 veterinarians in 14 locations coast to coast), we perform over 2500 anesthesia procedures annually.   Most cases are “routine”, however more and more are geriatric or patients with comorbidities.

We have enjoyed collaborating with several anesthesiologists over the last decade, and our promotion of that service has resulted in significant demand for the services of a board certified anesthesiologist.  We feel that the presence of a full time clinician will further expand this service.

The successful applicant should be efficient, as we are a high volume/high quality) practice.  They should be well versed in anesthesia and pain management strategies in geriatric and small breed patients.   We enjoy an excellent relationship with our local cardiologists, and cardiac patients make up a significant number of our patients.  Our practice location demographics provide clients who appreciate these services.

Further, teaching ability and interest is an important aspect of this position, for our residents as well as rotating interns and students.  Additional income is possible via lectures/laboratories as well as potentially training residents of other dental residencies.  Our caseload allows for significant clinical research, which would be readily supported.

A competitive salary is available as well as full benefits and CE allowance is standard. A four day work week is expected with minimal to no emergency/weekend work.   Production based bonuses are a consideration for the right candidate, including the possibility of associate specialists in the future.

The majority of the position will be in our Flagship practice in San Diego, but regular travel to our west coast clinics is expected.  Travel expense will be covered, and since the locations are mostly in desirable locations (Santa Barbara, Orange County, Las Vegas), the opportunity for clinic sponsored travel is significant.For more details on this unique position interested parties should contact our Chief of Staff: Brook A. Niemiec DVM, DAVDC, DEVDC, FAVD

5775 Chesapeake Court, San Diego, CA 92123  Work :(858)279-2108; cell:(858)335-6454