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Location:  Ottawa, Canada

Institution:  Ottawa Animal Emergency and Specialty Hospital

We are seeking a Veterinary Specialist for small animals. 

Specialty is:  Board Certified Veterinary Anesthesiologist

This position is to be held at OAESH’s principal place of business located at:  115 Lola Street, Ottawa Ontario Canada K1K 4C1 tel: 613-745-0123

Key responsibilities:

  • Evaluate patients, establish anesthetic and analgesic plans, supervise, and assist the teams and carry out specialist techniques for patients needing a general anaesthetic for routine, specialist and emergency cases for all species
  • Work closely with Veterinary specialty services when evaluating or monitoring the pain levels of patients.
  • Perform and supervies advanced anaesthetic procedures such as local and regional anaesthetic techniques, neuroanesthesia, total intravenous anaesthesia, and CRI pain management, placement of central lines and pain catheters
  • Management of an Anesthesia team and over-seeing of Anaesthetic technicians/interns performing anaesthetic procedures
  • Clinical and didactic training of anaesthesia technicians and interns
  • Teach and improve the quality of the care provided by all personnel at our hospital  
  • Provide recommendations on the purchase and maintenance of equipment needed for veterinary anaesthesia and analgesia. 
  • Implement tools and processes for proving care and communicating with clients 


  • PhD in Veterinary Sciences, with a thesis towards any type of Veterinary Anesthesia practices
  • Clinical Master’s in Veterinary Anesthesiology
  • Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine (DVM) or equivalent
  • Previous supervised experience in other small animal clinical specialties (surgery, diagnostic imaging, intensive care) such that the candidate develops a good understanding of the basic practices of other specialties and is able to collaborate successfully with other small animal specialists in providing patient care
  • Experience at managing an Anesthesia team for 4 years plus
  • Previous experience at resident, inern, and tecchnician training; both clinical training and experience lecturing is preferred
  • Experience in leading a team of technicians
  • Minimum of 3 years teaching experience, with both lecturing and clinical training with a demonstrated ability to coordinate courses and develop online teaching methods would be preferred.
  • Experience in conducting and managing clinical research and a demonstrated successful publication history with at least four first author publications in recognized journals and documented ability to work in collaboration with other researchers.
  • Ability to perform nerve blocks for orthopaedic and dental procedures
  • Experience conducting and managing successful research studies
  • Fluency in English is required. Individuals with bilingual language skills (French and English) are encouraged to apply.  
  • Hold or be eligible to obtain a license to practice veterinary medicine in the province of Ontario (Canada) issued by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario.
  • Previous experience in presentation of both research abstracts and field-of-interest talks at international congresses
  • Member in good standing of the American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia (ACVAA) or European College of Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia (ECVAA)



  • $30,000.00 CDN in signing bonus over 3 years
  • $15,000 CDN in a one-time relocation bonus
  • $185,000.00 CDN base salary, $190,000.00 CDN in year 2, and $195,000.00 CDN in year 3
  • Professional dues paid by the employer
  • 4 weeks of vacation
  • $5,000 CDN in continuing education credit
  • 2 weeks of paid flex, family, or sick leave
  • $10,000 CDN in training premium bonus, if employer trining objectives are satisfied
  • Reimbursement of eligible expenses related to the role
  • Employee discount, in accordance with the employer’s discount policy
  • $400 CDN fee per after-hours or remote Anesthesia service
  • Comprehensive benefit package included

Who we Are:

Known as OAESH and founded in 2012, this is one of Ottawa’s Premiere Emergency and Specialty Veterinary Hospital’s mission  is to promote animal welfare by offering specialized and emergency veterinary services 24/7 in its centers  located in Ottawa, proudly owned by Veterinarians, and serving Ontario and the Quebec areas in Canada.  Passion, Dedication, Compassion and Excellence about our team and the clients we serve is our culture. We believe in a great experience for our team, clients, patients, and stakeholders. We are a  multidisciplinary team composed of high-level veterinarians, both generalists and specialists. divided into  an emergency and specialty centre open 24/7, with over 7 dedicated specialties in a 34,000 sq. ft. state of  the art facility with a modernized $10 Million expansion plan for 2023. 

Visit us at

Our facility has on-site CT, MRI, digital radiography, ultrasound, endoscopy, and a fully equipped laboratory.  Enjoy collaboration with our other board-certified specialists in Surgery, Neurology, Internal Medicine,  Medical Oncology, Dentistry, Behavioral, Ophthalmology, Cardiology, Dermatology and Critical Care. We have a  robust Emergency Service as well as rotating and specialty internships. Our team has a strong relationship  with local referring veterinarians and specialists to provide the best critical and emergency care.

Ottawa, Ontario is a progressive & multi-cultural community of 1 million residents, with our hospital  located approximately 5minutes from downtown, known for its creative laid-back lifestyle, with excellent  summers and beautiful scenic winters. Ottawa offers true four-season activities for everyone. Explore  some of the best restaurants, breweries, nightlife, and multi-cultural shops. Home of many national  professional teams in soccer, hockey, soccer and basketball, Ottawa offers a lot of seasonal social activities  as a mecca of concerts and events in the Nation’s Capital, with Toronto, Montreal and many US border  cities close by.  

Why come work in OAESH ?

Our Core Values:

  • Servant Leadership  
  • Lead with Empathy  
  • People First 
  • Exceed Expectations 
  • Honesty, Integrity, Trust 
  • Be Passionate and Caring
  • Continuously Improvement 
  • Diversity & Inclusion 
  • Accountability  

Our hospitals offer complete services for dogs, cats, birds, and exotic animals’ owners. We are an accredited member of the Ontario College of Veterinarians. 

Interested candidates can submit their CV to the Manager of Specialty Services, Karim Pringle, at 613-745-0123 or