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Location:  Madison, NJ

Institution:  Veterinary Dentistry Specialists

Please direct all inquiries to Dr Andrea M Caniglia VMD, DACVAA



Veterinary Dentistry Specialists is currently seeking a full-time anesthesiologist to join our new hospital in Madison New Jersey. Madison is a lovely town located in North Jersey approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes by car or 45 minutes via commuter train from Manhattan. This is a unique opportunity to practice high level specialty medicine, with state-of-the-art equipment, in a smaller friendly environment. At VDS we pride ourselves in creating a collaborative work environment with mutual respect for individual expertise. We offer unapparelled work life balance and total compensation package. The work week is 4 days, with no weekends or holidays, and minimal on-call responsibilities. Finally, there are several senior anesthesiologists in the VDS network that are readily available for support and collaboration. Applicants should be a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia. Exceptional communication skills, and ability to be a leader are absolute requirements.


The primary role of the anesthesiologist is providing and managing a full anesthesia service to compliment the dental surgeons. This should include both perioperative and postoperative care for all cases. Direct involvement of managing cases along with providing support to an anesthesia focused technical staff is expected. The anesthesiologist will be directly involved in reviewing all medical records for each case to determine suitability for anesthesia, planning of additional diagnostics, and formulation of a complete anesthetic plan.


The anesthesiologist should also be involved in meeting clients and discussing anesthetic risks directly. This is a part of our core values at VDS to have open discussions with clients about risks, our standards of care and building a relationship with clients. It is important that clients have the opportunity to meet and ask questions directly of the anesthesiologist as this differentiates our practice.


The anesthesiologist is integral to the efficient running of the hospital, and management of the surgical schedule. This requires working closely with the CSR staff to train/educate them on the types of procedures, length of time for typical cases and identifying higher risk patients that may need additional diagnostics or case review prior to scheduling a surgery. The anesthesiologist should work directly with the CSR staff to assist with how to appropriately pair cases and number of cases per day. In addition to management of the schedule, the anesthesiologist is responsible for management of the surgical cases that are admitted, planning the order of the day, managing staff breaks, case turn over and assuring adequate time for recovery. Finally, we expect the anesthesiologist to cultivate a culture that values the technicians as integral team members and works closely with the dentist to build a cohesive team committed to high quality patient care.


Team building and leadership is an essential role of the anesthesiologist. Recruiting anesthesia technicians and training them on all aspects of anesthesia to VDS standards is vital. Building relationships with the referring veterinarians and being willing to provide them consultation on cases and training for their staff is important in helping both the community and building the business. Willingness to participate in VDS lecture series and CE events is desired.