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Committee on Residency Training


  1. Be an advocate for, and facilitate resident training in veterinary anesthesiology of the highest quality
  2. Periodically review general standards of veterinary anesthesiology residency training and recommend appropriate changes to maintain standards of excellence.
  3. Oversee the content of a page on the College website devoted to assisting residents in their preparation for submitting their credentials for the examination.
  4. Receive, review, evaluate, and report summaries of issues related to resident training including the annual Residency Training Program Registration submissions.
  5. Receive, consider, discuss and respond as appropriate to questions and problems presented to the College by residency training program faculty, residents and other concerned individuals.

Committee Member Time Commitment (approximate): __ hours per week

“Busy Season” or other specific needs: Time commitment is mostly spread over the year.  Most questions are of moderate urgency, so committee members will need to respond to requests for response in a timely fashion.

Melissa Sinclair Chair 2023
Jordyn Boesch 2023
Bruno Pypendop 2025
Marta Romano 2024
Khursheed Mama 2024
Credentials Committee


  1. Duties of this committee shall be to certify eligibility of applicants requesting examination by the College and to provide information regarding certification and to review and report on Resident Registration submissions and active resident Annual Reports. 

Committee Member Time Commitment (approximate): 0.5-2 hours per week

“Busy Season” or other specific needs: Time commitment is most significant at the end of summer (review case logs from residents who are part-way through their programs), and at the end of the year (review case logs from residents who submit credentials to take the ACVAA certifying exam).  Outside of these times, there are occasional questions for the committee, but time commitment is much less.

Tokiko Kushiro-Banker Chair 2023
Adrianna Sage   2024
Kyle Bartholomew 2024
Vaidehi Paranjape 2022
Daniel Almeida 2025
Sephanie Hamilton 2023
Kurt Grimm Ex-Officio 2023

Education Committee

Alex Valverde Chair 2023
Lane Johnson Abstract Coordinator

John Hubbell Past-chair 2022
Kris Kruse Elliott


Yael Shilo 2024
Adrianna Sage 2024
Jennie Haan Resident-review 2023
Brad Simon ACVS liason
Stuart Clark Price AVMA liason
Exam Committee
Jon Congdon 2022 Chair 2023
Rachel Reed Past-chair 2023
Renata Costa 2024
Raphael Vezina 2023
Graeme Doodnaught 2023
Linda Barter 2023
Stephanie Kleine 2024
Carrie Davis 2024
Andrea Looney 2024
Vaidehi Paranjape 2024
Natalie Chow 2025
Jessica Briley 2025
Sebastien Bauquier Ex-Officio 2023

Multiple Choice Exam Committee

Giacomo Gianotti Chair 2024
Kimberly Hassen 2023
Gregg Griffenhagen 2023
Kelley Varner 2025
Dario Floriano 2025
Tokiko Kushiro-Banker 2024
Doris Dyson Database Manager
Sebastien Bauquier Ex-Officio 2023
Maintenance of Certification Committee
Emma Johnson Chair 2024
Sebastien Bauquier 2024
Chris Smith 2023
Liao Penting 2023

Annual Meeting and Sponsorship Committee

Kirsten Wegner Chair 2023
Heidi Shafford 2023
Jeannette Cremer 2025
Ellen Williamson 2022
Carolyn McKune 2025
Melina Zimmerman 2025
William Tranquilli 2024
Jennifer Hess 2022

ACVAA Foundation Committee

Rich Bednarski Chair 2023
Tom Riebold 2022
Debbie Wilson Past-chair 2022
Yael Shilo 2023
Sheilah Robertson 2022
Lois Wetmore 2022
Ben Brainard 2022
Lysa Posner Ex-Officio 2023

ACVAA-AVTAA Liaison Committee

Carrie Davis Chair 2024
Kris Kruse-Elliott 2023
Chris Norkus 2023
Odette O 2024
Vaidehi Paranjape 2023

ACVAA Website Committee

Gregg Griffenhagen Chair 2024
Kyle Bartholomew 2024
Kurt Grimm Ex-officio 2023
Maria Killos Ex-officio 2024
Jon Congdon Facebook 2022
Emma Johnson MOC Chair 2023
Tokiko Kushiro-Banker Credentials Chair 2023

Certification Endorsement Committee

Jenn Carter 2024
William Tranquilli 2025
Leon Warne 2023

ACVAA-Appointed NAVAS Board of Directors Representatives

Lydia Love 2023
Kate Bailey 2022
Joy Tseng 2024

Appeals Committee

Erik Hofmeister Chair 2024
Rose McMurphy 2025
Leigh Lamont 2023

Annual and 3 -Year ABVS Report Committee 

President Kurt Grimm
Past President Colin Dunlop
BOD Chair Lysa Posner
Past BOD Chair Berit Fischer
Executive Secretary Maria Killos
VSOC Representative Khursheed Mama

Representative to the WCVA council

Colin Dunlop

Representative to the VSOC

Khursheeed Mama – 2023

Daniel Almeida – alternate